Help ME! Please Help IS Needed!

But, I feel that if there was maybe a discord for us to translate together(which I’ve made down below), @ least some platform that we can all work on a piece of each chapter so it can be pumped out in a week, as well maybe get other people to help chip in to!

I have no Idea how to translate this is a **fact** but I use via Google Translate and many other Translations Sites to help me narrow down to the correct sentence structure as well as using deductive reasoning on my part, so that the sentence makes since, so yeah anyone can translate! So please come in and help!

–Those Who Want TO Join as HELPERS for the translation of Ecstas Online DM me @ discord–


Progress Update 1: Volume 2 Ecstas Online Chapter 1! Where is it?

Currently Guy’s I am working on the 1st Chapter, my grades have fallen at school because I focused on the novel rather than studying so I took a break to get my grades back up as well as just have a bit of fun…. As well I have gotten half way through the translation for the 1st Chapter of Volume 2 so look out for that 😉

Your Translation Novelist (Pen-name): Hiro Toransurēta (meaning: prosperous translator)

And just because I’ve been gone for a bit here have a look @ Aikawa boobs on the house lmao…..