Ecstas Online Volume 2: Chapter 1



Chapter One “The Sword That Kills The Demon Lord”

I opened my eyes and came to the temple outside the city of Caldart. This is the place where the deity is placed, and it is also the specific place when I teleport to Caldart. The room slightly raised a little dust, somehow it had a kind of sacred feeling. I looked around the chilly room. There is no living creature in this sacred space of silence. In the first place, a large number of players would have come to the city, but fortunately the teleportation feature has not yet been delivered to the average player. For now it’s for my private use.

I clung to the door at the exit. I did not tread carefully through the door, but opened it slightly and peered out of the way. It seems that the people of 2A are not here. But i must not be careless. I crept out of the gap between the doors, and then put on a dull expression to mingle with the crowd. Then I quickly merged into the landscape of the city.

As I walked, I looked at the roadside scenery, and it seemed that the rebuilding was progressing well. It has been two weeks since the Caldart. In accordance with the characteristics of the Caldart, the mixed exotic beauty of Europe and the Middle East has been resurrected. Surrounded by scaffolding, the building is growing, beautiful beige stone steps and stone-made buildings are constantly being added. With the increase in the number of NPCs, the number of business stalls for the NPCs has grown. Thanks to this, the city restored its former vigor.

I felt guilty and relieved to see the city that had been devastated by our Demon Army. But now is not the time to wallow in sadness. The purpose of my return to this city is to get the 2A people to stop accepting the tasks they are announcing. I recalled the contents of the report that I had read from the drop.

Level 23 Mission Quest. It’s a typical mission to get paid for dungeons. The boss is located in the deepest underground city Drei Gramm beat down the boss and then the task is successful. Then you can get the sword that kills the Demon Lord. Now that the monsters in the dungeon have been set, I cannot intervene with the process.

Although 『Holy Grave』 was considered to be transported to Infermia, it may be lost on the way, and the likelihood of being plundered by 2A is also great. After such a thought, I had to leave the sword in place. Although the recovery unit has already started from the Infernia, the dungeon is located in the southern part of Caldart, just halfway down the stretch of the mountain from the sea. It takes only one or two days to get there from Caldart, but it will take at least four or five days to set off from Infermia.

I turned a corner on the main road and didn’t walk long to see the Hall of the 2A Guild’s headquarters. The Guild Hall has six floors and is a relatively large building in Caldart. Although previously in a state of semi-destruction, it was now fully restored to the original. The building is not based on NPC but on our 2 a center for repair work. I basically devoted work to it for two weeks. I looked up, there are mixed feelings deep inside of me, true loss can recover to this point ah.

Well, it’s not the Demon Army but the Shizukuishi’s powerful blast that made it half ruined.

I walked up the stairs to the front porch and opened the door and went in.

The question is how to convince those guys. I’ve prepared three persuasion schemes. And according to the direction of the conversation may be generated by four of the branch lines. How to convince Asagiri is the key. The words were meant for Ichinomiya. He is the one who decides the 2A course of action. But it’s different now.

Ichinomiya was misunderstood by the other members in the last battle due to the Succubi. He lost his battle by the temptation of a monster. So Ichinomiya has come down from the throne of the king of 2A. Now he is still unraveling the estrangement from others.

I nervously moved to the sofa where the 2A guild often came together.

“…… Huh? ”

Nobody’s here.

I toured the hall, I only saw the NPCs of the other guilds. For the sake of prudence, I went upstairs to look, but not even a figure was seen.

Could it be that…….

I hurried to the first floor and ran to the window to accept the task. The whole wall was plastered with all sorts of task-raising announcements. I pointed to one of them and asked the eldest sister who had been sitting at the reception desk.

“That, that. This raise, does that mean “

The big sister, who had a serious face but wore a rather high dress, smiled.

“Eh, the 2A Guild has taken it.”

Oh, damn it! I was late!

Say, I’m not completely abandoned! Not only is it ignoring the extent of my opinion, even my existence has been ignored! It’s always been a bit of companionship to help revive the past two weeks. Well, obviously, I do not want to be that way, it’s a bit annoying. I hate myself for having such an idea!

“Ah, there’s a letter to keep patrol.”


I took the lovely envelope handed to me by my eldest sister and opened it with trepidation. (TL Note: By older sister her basically means older than him and it’s just a formal way of adressing her as in like Nee-san or Onee-San)

Well, it looks like there are no blades in it … But it’s too early to be reassured. This is pretty girlish envelopes, but open and found that it read, “Yeah, you thought it was a love letter?” Stammering, whats the mood now? “There is a possibility”

I was prepared and opened the letter.

To patrol the halls

Hello, it’s Asagiri. I’m sorry. We left the hall patrol to you. You must be surprised. Although I have talked to you about this, but the task is time limited, so I have to start as soon as possible …

Right, on the key task missions, I’ve told you before that the task of getting the props to down to the Demon Lord has happened! After all, I can’t miss this opportunity!

I did not decide to discuss with the patrol patriarch, I’m sorry. But you don’t disagree, do you? Because it’s a blow that will bring down the Demon Lord! (Although you can not use the real identity without knowing it, But what is the real identity? )

But the patrol patriarch is also wrong. You often disappeared, I do not know where you go. So tell me about the order of action in the future, okay?

You can come if you can catch up with this letter, but if you can’t catch us, stay in Caldart. We will definitely succeed.

From Asagiri

Asagiri … You’re an angel, you guys. I was so restless that my heart was soothing like a silky smooth hand.

I looked back at the smiling big sister.

“So, excuse me, 2A when were they last here?” ”

“I think … Like five or six hours ago? I feel that way ♪ “

It is clearly the role of synchronization with the system time, but what an ambiguous answer.

The first matter, since there is a five or six hour gap, in general, I cannot catch up. And I have not been to the underground city, so I can not use the teleportation, and then it is not a city, therefore I cannot use it as an object of teleportation.

That being the case, we still have to use the Demon Lord Armor.

Just by putting that on, I will be able to exert extraordinary physical and physical abilities. Maybe I can catch up with 2A and get to the dungeon early. But that requires me to run for more than half a day without sleep, but I can do it.

I looked up and walked towards the exit of the Guild Hall.

+ + +

I ran through the wilderness, across the grassland, and traveled, and then I walked into the front of the Alps like the majestic peaks. It is raining and windy here, and the higher the altitude, the lower the temperature, and the more it begins to snow. Although I have rested on the way many times, still walked half a day in this harsh environment where I was dizzy. I finally arrived at the dungeon in the mountains of Camden Road, which held『Holy Grave』.

I can’t help but feel like a handful of Japanese cross-country runners. Just like shoes and clothes I can only wear the armor.

“Yes, this is … Demon, Demon, Lord Hellshaft!? ”

The pig-man who guarded the entrance to the dungeon stared at me. Then it was not long before the dungeon stirred like a beehive.

“The Demon Lord came in person! Hey, call the site supervisor! Hurry up! ”

The pigs who ran West fled to the depths of the dungeon. It was not long before a pig with a short stature but wearing a more luxurious outfit than the others came. This guy should be on-site supervision of it. He saw me, his face tense, cold sweat was flowing.

“The recovery unit should be there in a few days … I didn’t expect you to come in person without your entourage …”

The site supervisor suddenly thought of something, immediately knelt down. Then he shouted at the other pigs.

“Damn things! Why are you standing there? Want to die? ”

The pig, who was around, knelt down nervously and bowed his head to the ground. The on-site supervisor, trembling with sound because of too much fear, told me.

“You, you unexpectedly come to this kind of shabby place, I’m really disturbed at heart … Well, what have we done wrong?”

To tell you the truth, it’s hard for me to breathe. I put my hands on my knees, and I finally adjusted my breathing and said to the pig.

“Oh, oh … out, for some reason, I came alone and inspected … Show me the way.” (TL Note: Show me da wae :0 )

In the trepidation of the pig people’s lead, I walked into the dungeon. Although the entrance is very spacious, the more it goes inside, the narrower it is. Although there is no light, but the rock on the wall shines a little yellow-green light, the entire underground city is surrounded by light green light.

The site supervisor said happily, then showed a creepy smile.

Eventually the road became as narrow as the school corridor, and there were corners and forks. This is not a natural formation, it should be someone digging in the mountains that caused it. Through the narrow entrance, the front of the room was quite spacious. The supervision of the scene stopped and looked back at me.

“Then we dug up this dungeon while digging those ores. It really shocked us. It’s like the one from the previous generation.The traps are still working.

“Trap? ”

“Yes, like the floor here, if you step on this black tile, it lowers the cage and the exit is closed.”

I look at the exit in the opposite direction of the entrance that I just entered. A part of the iron fence is indeed visible on the ceiling. The one that comes down that will block the room.

“But there seems to be no iron fence at the entrance.”

“Yes。 There were several hidden rooms on the way here, as if there were soldiers hiding there. So, even if you come to this room, the invaders are almost tortured to death.”

“Well … I see. But what if the invaders are not in the trap? ”

“There’s the strongest guy in the room guarding the treasure.”

It’s the ultimate boss of this dungeon. The whole body is like a yellow rock, and the small pupil in the sunken eye is flashing light. From mouth to ear, there are dozens of sharp teeth, like gems. Even if it sits up it looks great, it should be close to five meters if you stand up. After I looked at it, it cutely bowed, and if it met as an enemy, it could be a considerable threat. The current 2A Guild might not beat it.

“It was used during the construction of Drei Gramm, and is the strongest here, in short, we let it come to guard here.”

So, it was originally used to move heavy objects, but it is now guarding here.

Graeme looked up and scratched the back of the head shyly. It was used for constructing, but now in this situation it cannot be asked to do much. (TL Note: Graeme is the gaudian’s name)

“Other than that, we hired a couple of more powerful mercenaries nearby.”

After saying that he began to introduce me, from the rose-like monster, the giant Mantis, a meter or so to see the spider, and so on. Laving aside appearance for the moment, but seemingly all are monsters are above level 20.

“…… Is it. What about『Holy Grave』? ”

“Over there……”

Looking into the depths of the wall, I put a wooden box on the ground. I went over, and then the site supervisor opened the lid for me to see.

“This is……”

It was a beautiful white sword. The scabbard is white, and the body is as white as porcelain. The knife has a flat part that can have a name written on it.

If I write my name on it, this weapon may kill me. (TL Note: F-king Deathnote piece of sh-t know your references lmao)

“Ah! Demon Lord, it’s dangerous to touch with your hands! ”

The pigs panicked and said to me that they were going to reach for the sword. However, in this state do not have to worry about being harmed. I have to confirm something.

That’s 『Holy Grave』. The method of destroying it. If that works, I don’t have to ask for trouble and let them fail in a way that interferes with 2A.


Although I touched the sword, I clicked on the retrieve item, but it didn’t come to my inventory. It looks like I’m not qualified to have this prop.

Sure enough, it’s not that simple.

At that moment, a pig rushed in, in a hurry.

“Things are bad! The human team has arrived at the foothills of the city! ”

They’re already here! Damn, we have to meet them as soon as possible.

I said to the restless pigs.

“It will be evening soon. Those humans are certainly going to ease from the fatigue of the journey. They may launch an attack tomorrow morning and be prepared for it. Be sure to guard this sword, you know!”

“Yes Yes!!”

The pigs, the mercenaries and the Graeme knelt down towards me and bowed their heads deeply.

“There are things to note. Among the group of humans, there is a guy with a ☆ on his armor and shields. That guy may shoot you.”

“Eh? This is again, why …”

Well. That man has some value. For now let him act freely.

I then gave orders to the smart pigs.

“One more thing, dig a hole in the wall of the room and prepare a hidden room. There is no need to send soldiers to lurk. Best not to get close.”

I glanced at the pig, who was deeply bowed, and walked quickly towards the exit. After I went out of the dungeon, I hurried down the hill. I avoided the mountain road and circled around, pretending to catch up with 2A and heading towards the foothills of the city.

+ + +

At the foothills of the city called Glasgow road repair libraries.There are many German, Swiss-style streets, red roofs and pale yellow walls surrounded by wooden fences. The various races of NPC are coming and going on the road built with all kinds of stones.

Not only humans, but also orcs like Gulasha and short but physically strong dwarves, who look particularly conspicuous. After all, is the city next to the mountains. Hunters, loggers and the like, many races are such were found. Under the solemn men, one can see an animal that had never been seen, like a cat and a weasel. There are not many facilities to stay in the city. I intend to go looking for a family, first on the same side of the road from the hotel.The moment I entered the fourth hotel, I heard a familiar and melodious voice greeting me.

“Patrol! Great, catch up! ”

Down the hall I see Asagiri, revealing the highest smile. Ah, my cross-country run was rewarded with her smile and welcome. Asagiri came running towards me.

“Thanks Asagiri for leaving me a letter, oh, um, thank you.”

I can’t help but move my gaze away from her line of sight. After I said thank you to Asagiri, she said, “You’re welcome,” she affirmed at the same time revealing a gentle smile that made people smile as well, regrettably I couldn’t see it, too bad then. Someone poured cold water on this happy moment and said in a disgusted-like voice.

“Ah, what?” You’re here? ”

Busujima happens to be on the stairs. I thought it would be too much to say hello, but she still showed a very unwanted expression.

“Eh, No. Stealth’s here? ”

After Busujima, Miyakoshi followed. Miyakoshi and Busujima together are the hot chicks of 2A. But in my opinion, the waist of Miyakoshi is more that of a hostess than a hot chick. Although I don’t think this is a special point, I haven’t been to a nightclub. The place is not to spend your own money, but to use the company’s money, as some great man had said.

Just want to say, it’s worthy of a hostess, but it is not necessarily the case, and Miyakoshi’s waist and the disgusted face of Busujima is different. She seems to show a very interesting feeling in her smile. She hid her feelings, much worse than Busujima.

“But stealth, we never know where you are, where have you been? ”

Give me a break. Haven’t I been helping to repair the guild lobby for the last two weeks. But you don’t work hard at all, I want to complain.

“Well, there is something…… I have a personal collection of props such as leveling…… As well as exploring the map. I’ve been playing RPG alone since I first started.”

Then Miyakoshi was coughing and couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“You really like to play alone, stealth.”

“Well, well to be alone is to comfort the loneliness of their own, quite your style.”

You two, know exactly how to translate sole play. I won’t be angry and talk to the teacher. (TL Note: He means he wont become made and start “tattle tailing” to the teacher).

“Well, why. So did you find any good props? Or can you find a summer resort where you can become super fast?”

They talked like they were criticizing me.

“That, there is no place like that…”

Then Busujima let out an greatly exaggerated sigh.

“This guy doesn’t come in handy, why don’t you go back? Your so weak, you can not help with the fighting, in addition to the auxiliary work you’re no good, it means no difference. Like our parasites.”


I sighed in my heart. Busujima does not require me to work from the bottom of my heart. She is just enjoying the feeling of being superior by belittling others ‘ ability to feel good about herself. But it’s better to be a fool than to let me out of 2A. I smiled, intending to register into my room and go towards the front desk.

“So, I’ll go first -“

“I must say Busujima, you said a bit too much, right?”

Asagiri stood in front of me.

“Ha? Asagiri. Why do you have to stand on the side of that lonely person?”

“Who is on which side is not the right question, Domeguri-kun is our 2A companion. If we don’t help each other and do not work together, how can we escape this world? We all have to knock down that Demon Lord.”

My heart hurts. Asagiri was speaking for me, but even at this moment, I was still betraying her.

After the unexpected retaliation, Busujima flushed and trembled with a red face. (TL Note: Some angry madda fakka xD)

“Yes! This inexplicable world, people also want to hurry out! People want to go back! Your one of the only one’s who can depended on, but … But he’s “

Busujima’s tears were overflowing…… Well, no! You guys, you’re crying for such a trifle reason!

“With that kind of monster to do H, even people have been killed do not know… There’s no one to lean on, no one to trust.” (H is doing well sexy things in this term)

Miyakoshi held Busujima’s shoulder, then Busujima’s head on Miyakoshi’s shoulder.

“Calm down, yes. In addition, you don’t even believe in Miyakoshi? I’m a little hurt. “

“Well… Miyakoshi” Busujima sobs and answered with her cry.

“Oh, yes”

“…Do you think Demon Lord Hellshaft will come?”


Shizukuishi’s excitement let out, when I asked her.

“… Do you want to see him? The Demon Lord Hellshaft.”

Shizukuishi had a red face, she was less cheerful.

“That, right. I want to see him. “


“Well, if you want to see him, shouldn’t you be able to meet?”

“It doesn’t work that way!”

“Eh? Why?”

Shizukuishi seemed to say to me, “You really do not know,” as she crossed her arms.

“I tell you, Demon Lord Hellshaft is not a cheap existence. I hope you don’t underestimate him.”

Aye Aye… You told me what to do.

“Have you thought about it. The item that can be obtained this time is『Holy Grave』. But of course there are conditions attached to it, but it is still a weapon that may kill him. Do you think he would stand by and leave it anyways?”

How could I ignore it? I can’t really answer it.

“Who knows. But he didn’t need to come out of swaggeringly. Even if we call on our friends or use local monsters to cope with them, is it normal?”

I do not know what Shizukuishi wanted to hear the answer, I did not think it appropriate to answer her. Shizukuishi packed eyebrows wrinkled deeper, but her mouth smiled.

“Hey, it’s like you know it.” (TL Note: Have you been found out????)

What? She’s so happy? Anyway, let’s finish the conversation as soon as possible. Continuing to talk about Hellshaft will only increase my chance of showing my flaws.

However Shizukuishi but and I think differently, she doesn’t want me to run away and leans towards me and questions me.

“Well, if we get the sword to kill him, what do you think Hellshaft would do?”

“Oh, even if you ask me… I’m not Hellshaft.”

“This is not bullshit. Don’t say such disgusting words”

Damn…… This woman. Would you like me to expose your illusions!? No, no, I can’t do that. In every sense. In other words, the situation of young men and women who are alone in the guesthouse in the evening is too far away from the topic, which makes people heartbeat faster and excited. It’s like Hay Lou Natsu J Te club’s friends when they meet. (TL Note: Some sort of reference)

“Oh, yeah. Yeah. Then I’m almost…”

Shizukuishi stood up quickly, and then moved the desks and chairs to the wall. Then she pulled the simple wooden chair into the middle of the room.

Then she returned to her old position and sat down on the bed.

…… eh, it is that you want me to sit down?

I look to the Shizukuishi with questions in the eyes, then she pointed her chin to the chair.

This, this guy… (TL Note: He means “Me, you mean me? This guy right here?)

I was very reluctant to sit on the chair. I was allowed to stay in a girl’s room and be allowed to sit down, and the distance between the us became close. That said, the atmosphere felt that questions were about to get even more serious.

“Well,…… I think the sword…… May be able to be taken away… When we are going to explore his true identity, we may be able to stop it”

She was vague, she said it in a whisper. Then Shizukuishi seemed to be angry because she wasn’t quite clear. She leaned out. Oh, this distance is unexpected.

“I’ve been thinking about it. Maybe there are any items that resist against the sword. I’ve also been thinking of ways not to engage in physical contact.”

“So that’s what it is”

“If it’s really a threat, it’s unlikely that the Demon Lord will leave it. There must be something to do. A way of making that sword meaningless… “

You really say so, I haven’t looked for anything that can do this. I must wait until Infermia investigates immediately and what makes the sword pointless.

“For example, the misinformation about the true identity of the Demon Lord.”

Shizukuishi eyes bright, pointing at me with her finger.

“This is a good idea. Actually there are ways to fight intelligence wars. I really never thought about it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, but in fact it was all under the control of the Demon Lord Hellshaft. However, from the subtle clues we slowly approach Hellshaft..”

The eyes of Shizukuishi I do not know when she became the girl who dreamed of her prince. When I saw her glittering pupil, my heart jumped. She looked straight at me with lustful eyes. But her eyes looked as if she was watching Hellshaft, who is not here now. There is no reflection of me in the eyes of Shizukuishi. Her expression is no longer serious, and she becomes a really cute girl.

Why does she care so much about Hellshaft?

I noticed that I didn’t make a noise and stood up quietly, then I turned my back to Shizukuishi.

“I’ll think more about it. Shizukuishi also, if you have any new discoveries about Hellshaft tell me”

“Eh? Ah, wait, I haven’t said it yet – “

I turned the handle of the door to the corridor, to keep the sound over Shizukuishi’s voice.

Then I inserted the key into the keyhole of the opposite room. It was easy to open this time. When I entered the room, I closed the door and locked it immediately. At last I finally get to relax.

“Hah…I’m exhausted.”

The configuration of my room, and Shizukuishi’s room is the same, just as I thought. I staggered towards the bed, and then I went straight to bed.

I’ll take a nap first. Just when I thought so, someone knocked on the door.

Hey? Again!? I just want to be left alone!

I stood up in a panic, and made great leaps toward the door. I said while opening the door.

“I said Shizukuishi, let me go today. I’ll think about it – eh…? “

“… I’m not Shizukuishi-san is, sorry”

“Standing opposite the door is a losing hero, who is the leader of the 2A Guild, which is at the top of the school class, — Ichinomiya”

+ + +

“What relationship do you … and Shizukuishi-san have? I’ll let it go for today? What do you think about?”

Ichinomiya asked while looking at the dishes at the side.

“We have no relation…We don’t have much to do. She’s just played me as a fool. What I’m thinking about is the task of tomorrow,the crusade, and so on.”

Even this guy thinks that I have a good relationship with Shizukuishi. Then, what does he seem to be worrying about? Because I feel this guy will look directly at each other’s eyes when he asks questions to others.

“Really…….. Shizukuish-san is also seriously considering ways to escape from this world.”

Ichinomiya seems to have accepted this statement and nodded.

“So… What do you have to say? You’re going to come and invite me like this.”

“I just want to ask about your opinion.”

Ichinomiya forked the sausage in the soup with a fork and cut it in half on a plate. The gravy overflowed from the inside and exudes heat. The white mist emitted a very fragrant smell, which provoked my appetite.

“Though I think it doesn’t matter much now, but now I feel that we have this great estrangement between us. That is to say… How can I express this well? “

He inserted the knife into the extra thick steak in front of me. The iron plate still exudes high temperatures, burning oil spilled from the meat. It is said that this is the meat of a monster named Ruml Pig that inhabits this land. It is delicious when it is plain. Super delicious.

“Ichinomiya, you just got into the ranks of the most lonely people, are you looking for information from an experienced lonely person?”

Delicious cooking is a good mixed with sarcastic and masochistic little jokes. Ichinomiya can’t help but do so…Well, some of it is true?

He listened to my satire, instead of showing his disgust, he laughed.

“Indeed. To be in hall patrol you need to be really sharp. Do you always purposely know the atmosphere and observe carefully? In short, your ability in that area really is excellent.”

I’m flattered.

“One more thing to add, you’re quite humorous.”

I felt like I saw the generosity and calmness of this guy. But I don’t think I’m funny.

“… Well, if there’s any place I can help you. But probably not. “

“Have a drink refill, to keep you waiting ♪”

Wearing a German costume, a waitress with long ears and tails brought a mug. Though it’s not alcohol, it looks like beer, whether it’s a bubble or the fllowing amber liquid.

This is the beer house, which is about five minutes’ walk from our hotel. There were no other houses around the wooden shop, but they were found unexpectedly open and high ceilings. More than 30 tables were filled with 80% or so, and the orcs and dwarves drank while laughing, presumably rewarding a day’s work.

Ichinomiya probably thought that the hotel where everyone was was not very convenient to talk, so he took me to a nearby store.

Anyway, Ichinomiya actually took the initiative to talk to me, that really startled me.

“How do you actually feel about this Ichinomiya? Does it feel bad to play alone? You should have never experienced the feeling of having no friends around, it should feel very fresh? ”(TL Note: Dam what a cocky bastard our mc is)

Ichinomiya sighed, and muttered like he was self-deprecating himself.

“I felt the feeling of loneliness for the first time after everyone pulled away from me. I could really admire your mental capacity.”

Is that right? I think it’s so much easier. (TL Note: So much easier to be alone)

“I have nothing to do. In order to forget this bitter feeling, I can only concentrate on defeating monsters. Thanks to this, I went up several levels in a short time.”

What? I’m becoming more concerned about this.

“What level are you at now?”


Ichinomiya… is levek twenty-two!? Wasn’t he about 18 or 19 before? Damn, after that death punishment to come so far, and to actually also upgrade himself. The rating for this task is 23. This is not good.

“”Yes, right…… It’s awesome. But isn’t it better to relax a little? If you push yourself too hard, it would be bad if you got a heart disease. It’s much harder to heal physical damage. ”

Ichinomiya couldn’t help laughing out loud, then without warning exposed a smile.

“I want to get back everyone’s trust”

Although I don’t think there will be such a thing, I still feel that his gaze on me is telling me that it’s your responsibility to think of ways for me. I’m looking for ways to escape his eyes and look to my meat.

Playing alone is not for me. Besides, I like my old life better than before. I didn’t care about it before, but I could not regret it until I lost it.

“… I’ve heard about it before. Though I was in the front of the guild hall, I was destroyed by the invaded monster. Can I ask why you became like that?”

Ichinomiya drank the beer-like drink from the big cup.

“I didn’t think about this anyway. I didn’t understand why I was doing that when I was attacked by a succubus. At that time, my head was drowsy and I could only think about the women in front of me. It’s like being manipulated.”

Ichinomiya added as an explanation it may be the power of the succubus, then he drank the beverage again.

If Ichinomiya is acting alone, he may indeed level up faster. However, one’s power is limited. Moreover, no matter how high the level up, a person is no match for the Hellshaft. I used that short time to sort out these ideas and then said to Ichinomiya.

“In this mission, you will once again show your strength to everyone. You don’t need to instruct people or act like the leader. Just take the lead in knocking the enemy down. In other words, you have to use your own strength to make those guys impressed. As long as they feel that you’re really powerful, then they can wash away the memories of those past failures.”

But Ichinomiya looked as if it seemed unacceptable, and nervously muttered.

“But can it really bring back everyone’s trust? It seems too simple. we always fight monsters. It seems to have nothing to do with trust. “

I swallowed the meat in my mouth and then sneered.

“No, we are very simple. Even high school students, are basically not very different from primary school students. If you run fast or have toys, you will be respected by everyone. So Ichinomiya, you have a lot of weapons. But what is the most useful thing in the world?

Ichinomiya hesitated about my sudden question.

“Coordination, communicative ability and so on… Though I don’t want to say this, because my family is richer, so the economic power is… No, I don’t have any money. It doesn’t count.” (TL Note: YE Boi in this world you don’t have any money, I think he mean he has little money)

I waved a knife to the left and right.

“It’s violence. Your biggest weapon is violence. It’s even more so in this world.”

“In the original world, you have the status of parents, economic power as your background, at the same time your looks, stature, sports, achievements, the comprehensive ability of all aspects excellent. But others will also produce jealousy and prejudice toward you. Especially if you have good looks and money. But there is order in the original world, and everyone can only acknowledge your identity. But this is a different world. This is neither a country ruled by law nor a policeman. Some things can not be done in the original world, but as a player. Kill the guy you dislike. Even with this idea, it’s not surprising.”

“No. I didn’t think of everyone in the class that way. And actually I haven’t encountered that kind of thing yet.”

I guess so. But I’d almost had Shizukuishi killed.

“This is because you have the ultimate weapon of violence. No one is your opponent in fighting ability. In this world, if someone dares to criticize you, you can also throw that person away at any time, and others cannot resist it.”

“I won’t do that kind of thing!”

Ichinomiya put the shot glass down and made a loud noise.

“I know. Your power has always been used only against the enemy. That’s all you need. But others feel the same way in their hearts. What happens when that power is used for yourself? They only communicated with you on the basis of understanding this.”

“I’ve never thought about it that way…”

Ichinomiya turned upside down, with a fork in his hand.

“Doesn’t that mean you basically treat others as bad guys?” (TL Note: Of course thats why our MC Is a bad-ass, sometimes…..)

“I don’t want you to agree. You just have to be yourself. But other people … are not good people like you.”

Ichinomiya’s expression is slightly distorted.

“I’m not…a good person”

“But you are exposed. And also lost. The original excellent places now all gone. This is not for you personally, but I’m just saying that if you feel very strong then the person loses, and then everyone is very capricious, they will feel that this person is not really better than themself, that a strong guy would become despised.”

The fingers of Ichinomiya’s pressed harder on the fork.

“I didn’t want you to intimidate others, or to force you to talk. It’s just to let you defeat the enemy in a popular way. One false start is no problem. In this way, they will naturally reexamine your standing as trustworthy.”

Ichinomiya is speechless. He stared at the foam that was rising in the shot glass.

“I will help you with the preparations.”

Ichinomiya immediately lifted his head when he heard this.


“You don’t have to care about this little thing.”

Ichinomiya slowly rose, and then he took the table board on the table to the cashier. (TL Note: Man…. I’ll be surprised if Ichinomiya doesn’t start drinking from now on.)

I looked at his back secretly laughing.

Ichinomiya, you really are a tough guy. You look, learn, and exercise. I didn’t win you in any way. However, your generosity, outspokenness, and kindness lead you to even hear what I have to say.

You are so easy to manipulate.

Don’t blame me, oh, Ichinomiya. I didn’t lie. However, in order to weaken the power of 2A, I must first disintegrate your teamwork. This is to rescue all of us.

It will take a month for Santa-X. Let’s be patient before that. As long as you spend this time, everything will be resolved. After that, just…

I’ll just end up being resented by myself.

[End of Volume 2 Chapter 1]


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