Ecstas Online Volume 2: Prolouge

Prologue (Volume 2)

“There is good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?”

This is really a cliché.

Although the case, but in reality not that often can that be heard. Those who say such words are certainly the pretentious type, likely to boast of their superiority.

I used a solemn tone to ask questions, that is, to my boss, Aikawa-san, who is also my slave, who says brave words.

“I just want to hear good news.”

What a beautiful and perfect answer ah. (Translate again?)

But Aikawa-san lifted my chin and looked down at me with (mabye insert eyes of in here?) contempt . But I was also “cut” speechless. By the way, I’m wearing the Demon Lord Hellshaft armor curled up, sitting on the floor. (TL Note: how can I improve this…. tell me!)

Here in Hellshafts’ room. That is, I am in the city of Hellandia in the Demon Lord’s room. Although I called Aikawa-san here in the name of a sex slave, I certainly called her for different reasons. (TL Note- Basically he called Aikawa to his room to discuss their plans but of course he covered it up by calling her down there for “sexual” reasons 😉 nice play MC)

What should I do to survive in this next generation of VRMMORPG? We are discussing this matter.

Because the current problems are piling up. The highschool students of 2A, contained 36 (including me) that are registered.

This video game, Exodia Exodus that was produced by Exxon has subsequently imprisoned us, in this world. And only I was the villain of Exodia Exodus , and everyone else was convinced that as soon as they overthrew me that they would be able to return to the original world. Well, this is true. If they clear me they could log out. (By “us” he means Class 2A and by “me” in this sentence he talks about himself as “Demon Lord Hellshaft”).

(TL Note: SAO Vibe anyone? No… guess its just me)

But the reality is that its not that simple. There was a serious system error outside and we are not currently connected with the physical reality. If you were to log out now, the consciousness data would have no place to go therefore the data would be eliminated, resulting in real death.

(TL:Note: Seriously SAO vibes guys, but Ik this will be better because it has sexy stuff 😉 )

But their situations were much better than mine. Aikawa-san and I, because we have the villain role, are unable to resurrect in the game. 2A, no matter how many deaths can still be resurrected, but when Aikawa-san and I die in the game, in reality, we’ll die as well.

Although the situation is very difficult, but I in order to protect the lives of the people of 2A, only as the ultimate boss, Demon Lord Hellshaft can I prevent them.

However, the role of Hellshaft’s special moves should have a strong magic and powerful physical attack, but I do not know why it evolved into a state of magic that cannot be used.

But my story as the Demon Lord has not changed. I have to use the Demon Lord Hellshaft’s position to rule the four generals of Hell Sector by acting very maliciously and pursue the “2A Association” and expel them. Although we just defeated them all at once at wartime, they should have some time to regroup.

In order to make everyone who has logged in safely return to the original world, I am now discussing with Aikawa-san on how to deceive people and monsters, how to engage in business and how to change the world in a real sense.

– This should be the case.

But why was Demon Lord Hellshaft, forced to sit by the slave?

The world is full of irrationality.

“After all, what have you done in the last two weeks!” You made warfare to exterminate the 2A Group which is actually good, but there has not been a result since then! What did you do?”
(TL Note: For anyone that doesnt know this is obviously Aikawa talking)

As I looked up, I waited for a moment when the mood was getting better, until then, I replied with a murmuring voice.

“Ha, no, it’s not all playing either … All of 2A have to help with Caldart’s rebuilding work … mainly its to repair the guild hall …”

(TL Note: Caldart is the city in which the students of 2A have their guild)

Aikawa-san fell silent for a moment, and then she took a deep breath, her face suddenly became red, and then she used the fire in her to roar flames at me. (TL: Note: Basically imagine her taking here mouth puffing in, then roaring while spewing flames out of her mouth (but not really she’s probably just yelling at him but he’s (our MC) imagining her as a dragon.

“Are you stupid !?”

Well, over the two weeks after the war in Caldart. I really did not effectively use that time, I also slacked off a little. Let’s work together to revitalize the city! Although I hate such an expressive line, I was unwittingly taken by the crowd of 2A. In particular Asagiri smiled and said to me, “Today we have to cheer up! ♡” This fact gives me motivation.  (TL: Note: That heart there….. just think of her as having a heart pop out next to here showing how nice she is and caring the MC said he made the heart pop up in his thoughts but I deleted that line to make this TL Note instead the line was…  By the way, the last heart is my subjective thought.)

“Oh, but I have to have at least a little rest. This big job at Caldart, I’m a bit tired of it … Do you think that members aren’t paid to take vacations? It’s going to be a pretty enviable one. Students don’t have paid vacations, do they? ”

The air froze at that moment. A sense of fear sprang up behind me, instinct signaling a danger. Trembling, I looked up at Aikawa, and her expression was as terrifying as a horror scene.

“How could you have paid vacation?” I have to go to work on Saturday, what qualifies you to say paid vacation? What’s paid on vacation is just the number of puzzles on the payroll! ”

Her constant outbursts of anger and discontent were as frightening as the Mount Vesuvius eruption, which kept my body trembling. It seems that I have pulled out the reverse scales of a dragon, that must never be touched.

“Calm, calm down, that … right, right, and summer vacation or something, how about the end of the year and New Years——”

“Ha!? Last year’s New Year’s Eve, I was in the office to hear, Have any views ?? What else did you say about summer vacation? You don’t think I have a 40-day vacation like my students? I only have three days, Ah three days! They also said to me, ‘”Since you’re so busy, when you finish the project, take a vacation,” Oh, what will happen after the project is completed?”

After pulling the reverse scales, I seem to have stepped on the landmine again.

Aikawa-san wiped off the sweat forehead, with a very angry look tease up the hair, looks like she has finally calmed down. Her huge boobs, without a bra, moved up and down with her movements. (She’s still wearing clothes just not a bra)

The leather-bound props outside her tattered white shirt were only on the chest, as if to emphasize her cleavage. The two voluptuous mounds on her chest were so tightly pressed that they looked as if the part had been separated from the body. Furthermore, the left and right sides of her cleavage purposely squeezed out a fat mass which voluptuously shook. The feeling of shaking naturally shows the weight and softness of the chest, and it is not clear if this is the game world, in a sense it is beyond that of reality. (TL Note: added a few things to make it more clear and “exciting”)

For example, Aikawa-san’s chest resists gravity. That huge chest doesn’t sag even without a bra, but it keeps the rocket’s shape perfectly. The chest should be hard to keep the shape, but the actual touch found it was as soft as an angel’s face. Hard to say, it should be called the struggle against reality. In order to praise the spirit of chest resistance to gravity, I adulterous…., wrong, I look at the sacred outline.

At this time I felt the virtues of the Lord’s helmet. Why is the part of the eye so dark, because there are no eyeballs? From other people’s point of view they don’t know where I’m looking. The Demon Lord is worthy. No matter where you want to stare, no problem!

“…… I understand your mood, but can you stop staring at me?”

What! Was, was I found out! ?

“Aki-, Aikawa-san , what you are saying ah, I have no clue at all.”

Aikawa-san started twitching, as if feeling very speechless, then she continued despite the excuse I say.

“Well, forget it……Really. There’s big news today. If the church isn’t talking nonsense, it’s better for me to talk more kindly.”

Big news?

“What is it?”

“So I didn’t just ask you, there is good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first?”

Aikawa-san exposed, looked at me as if looking at the garbage —-she had granted a reward to me though, her triumphantly puffed out chest.

“Well, let’s talk about the good news. About a month or so, just at Christmas time……”

Aikawa-san said, with a pompous expression of pride.

“The correction program will be applied!”

“…..Correction program? ”

“Games or OS are often found to be unsuitable after the sale. In order to deal with those mistakes, we should release the correction program. Fixed patches Ah update files Ah, they have a variety of names. This is a small yellow tour essential things, if not, it will make people lonely.”

In the installation of the game to the maker’s website to see if there are updates to amend the file is a gentleman’s interest. You are not a minor, like this puzzled amorous feelings of the spit is not a gentleman, so you still don’t say. These aside for the moment— (TL: Note tf couldn’t translate this lets just say spit is “spirit” or something)

“That is to say that the person responsible for the development from the outside has made the Exodia Exodus correction program?” So can we go back to reality? ”

Aikawa-san smiled with an apology and shrugged her shoulders. (TL Note: She shrugged her shoulders in doubt)

“Not so fast, but now this complex situation can finally be eliminated. Everyone who is logged in will be able to contact the outside and we can send an email to the outside.”

This is…… In other words, to convey to the people of 2A the current reality. And not only that.  Currently, we have only know of the whereabouts of twelve people in my class, 2A . The remaining 24 are still unaccounted for. The worst case scenario is that the conscious data was corrupted when there was a system error. Although it is impossible to rule out the possibility of their death, if they are still alive, maybe they will know their position.

“Alas, even if its not so bad already! As a result, those guys have to accept the fact that they won’t kill me again! ”

I couldn’t help standing up and say this excitedly.

“Yeah, I hope so.”

Aikawa-san had a gentle smile with relief. Then she opened her lips slightly and gave a big sigh of relief. And she added, “just—-

“You can’t reboot the system because it’s keeping the system up and running, so it looks like a pretty complex program.” That’s why it takes so long. Ah, and the name of the patch is “Santa-x (Santa Claus)” “Oh”

“It’s a real Christmas gift for us …”

“Although I only logged in for a month or so to the patrolling leader, I have been in slavery for seven months, and I finally realized that I was” unyielding. ” Although it only registered a month or so for the church patrol, I had been a slave for seven months. The thought of finally being able to escape from this hell, from livestock to human, I was moved to tears.”

Heck, even if Aikawa-san returned to reality, she only returned to the black-hearted enterprise from Hellandia and changed from slavery to relics. From a fundamental point of view, it didn’t change much … Although I think so, you cannot pour cold water when she was so moved by it. (TL Note: as in she cannot be let down when she is so emotionally moved)

“In short, we will be able to get out of this bad situation soon enough.”

“Yes. The bad news, let’s go over it.”

Ah, here’s the thing. I forgot when I was feeling better. I think it’s better to forget the bad news altogether.

“But it has been spread out in the city, even the slave room can hear the rumor.”

“What is it exactly?”


When Aikawa-san was just going to say it, someone knocked on the door vigorously.

“Hell-sama-Hell-sama-Hell-sama ~♡ ” (TL: Translation came out weird so I decided on an annoying cute tone here and replaced the words)

Oh no! This intellectually retarded way of calling can only mean its Forneus!

I whispered in Aikawa-san’s ear

“This is bad!” I called you here because I said I wanted to be teasing Aikawa-san, and if it does not seem that way, it will be suspected! 《LOYALTY》 is going down again! ” (TL Note: Teasing as in groping her boobs and other areas)

Although I am a very reliable man in command of the four generals, my words and deeds, if they are not harsh, their loyalty will decline. And it will fall very fast. If left unattended, they will become suspicious and, eventually would kill me. This is how the system is designed.

But as long as I keep a close eye on the 《LOYALTY》, they are my lovely, loyal and capable men, and I often talk to them about all kinds of things and evaluate their work, but occasionally I have to let them see where I’m doing.

Aikawa-san, who manages me, was looking for a place to hide and she was at a loss as she patrolled the entire room. (TLNote: could not translate first part something about wages lol)

“Even if you say so, what do you want me to do?”

Then there was a quiet knock on the door again.

“Hell-sama? What’s the matter with you? If you are not feeling well, would you like to rub my SW? ” (TL Note: IDK What SW is tried to search it up but just think of sexual stuff like her ass!)

The person who speaks the unexpected “work-mouth” seriously is Satanakia. Damn, Forneus is enough trouble, and yet she came here.

“Aikawa-san, like that …right at the edge of the window, that, I’ll create a bullying atmosphere, if it can be done in bed, that would be very helpful.” (TL: MC thought of pretending to do sexual stuff in bed?)

Then Aikawa-san from blushing to the ears, picked up her body.

“You, what are you going to do to your boss, you’re scum of this society! Pervert!”

At this time, a loud knock on the door sounded.

“Was that the voice of the slave just now? Hey, Hell-sama! Respond when you the knock! ”

How are you even here! Her words sound doubtful, at any time she may break in. I need to think of a way to fool her!

My uneasiness was more evident by the knocking getting louder and more frequent, Forneus seemed agitated.

“It’s not a problem, is it? I’m worried to death, I may break through the door!”

Oh, yes! (TL Note: He thought of something)

“Wait, bad dog.”

This indispensable tone stopped Forneus’ action. That cold and beautiful voice with a bit of contempt.

“It’s my room, If it’s not something particularly important, you can’t break the door.”

It’s the sound of a falling pull. Sure enough, it was a wise judgment. Reward you with a small red flower. (TL Note:, Reward you with a small red flower.)

“I have a spare key ready” (TL Note: You’re f*ked MC)

Damn it! You’re too thoughtful, aren’t you!

“Aikawa-san! I’m sorry”

I apologized while I opened the menu, and then opened the magic list.

“Wait, why do you apologize !? Come on, stop it! ”

With a ominous hunch, Aikawa-san’s face turned green. But unfortunately, your hunch is correct. This time only unscrupulous, Prepare yourself!


This is one of the two magic spells I can use. And this magic is also the special magic of the adult mode that only I can use.

This next-generation VRMMORPG “Exodia Exodus” in addition to the general package, there are super premium premium membership package for adults called “adult mode.” However, only one of the currently logged-in users can use adult mode. Although 2A people can’t do the work, they can’t use the magic, They can not use the magic, but I can, and I can use kryptonite props. (TL Note:Basically this spell is everyone’s kryptonite)

一After a lock of metal sound, a heavy opening sounded.

“Rude. Hell-sama”

“What’s wrong, Ah, I’m busy now.”

I sat cross-legged in bed, Aikawa-san sitting on my knees. I hugged her from the back, rubbing her breast in one hand and separating her legs with the other in her arms.

Obviously is such improper posture, but Aikawa-san did not complain, but revealed a trance of expression. (TL Note: She is in a sexually aroused trance)

This is my magic, the adult mode dedicated 『Ecstas』.

This magic can let the opponent into a state of lust, so that they can not think properly, and can only become a happy captive.

“A…Ah~, uh~ … Hate, want, to be seen~…”

Aikawa-san looked up at me with lustful eyes. But even if she said no, her body trembled with joy. Is pleasure more intense than shame, and her body is constantly twitching.

After seeing the look of me and Aikawa-san, Forneus opened her mouth lovingly.

“Are you playing with that slave again? Forneus is jealous.”

Although her voice and action is very cute, her eyes did not smile. Her sharp sight made Aikawa-san shiver.

“No, compared to those, You guys, what can I do for you? ”

Although I do not think I can escape the topic, but the four leaders are unexpectedly tensing up. Then Forneus and Satanakia, who had just been chatting, closed their mouths, and Gracia seemed to have scratched his head.

…? What happened?

At last, he looked at me with serious eyes and said.

“The sword that kills demons (Holy Grave) was dug out.”

I froze for a moment, then screamed immediately.

“You, you … What do you mean ——————!! ”

“King, king, please calm down”

A falling-pull intended to soothe me, and I replied in a reflective way.

“No, no! How can I calm down ! That’s the special equipment? Who did it! They may become a big problem, they must be killed on the spot!”

“Be calm… Hell-sama”

I seem to hear Forneus’ uneasy voice, but my mind was a mess. That’s the weapon i’m most afraid of!

To kill the Demon Lord you must have this sword, there is a part of the knife that can be engraved with a name. In that part, the true identity of the Demon Lord is engraved, and if it is correct, the sword will be able to overthrow him.

If I feel that my true identity has not been exposed, it would be premature to say that there is no problem. Now that the sword has been taken, the group of 2A might have the crazy idea of trying to expose the Demon Lord Hellshaft’s identity.

“This is very bad, what … What should be done–“

At this moment I suddenly noticed that the atmosphere of the generals had changed. Contrary to my panic, they all had a cold look and stared at me with a dull face.

“What’s up, how many of you – !?”

I concentrated my attention and then popped the window next to their face. I see that the value of 《LOYALTY》is falling rapidly.

Their heartfelt loyalty to me dropped.

Oh, crap, that sucks. I was so flustered that I could not help but scream!

As the number dropped, their cold expression became murderous.

Damn it! I’m going to be killed by my generals before I destroy the Demon sword. I have to immediately show cruelty so that《LOYALTY》”can rise!

I covered my face with a helmet and covered that with steel armor hand.

“Well, hum hum …”

“? Hellshaft …are you okay?”

Satanakia’s surprised face frowned.

I waved my cape of fire. The cloak creeps like a creature on the ground, and the flames in a flash are illuminating the room with the energy of burning the room. But it didn’t actually burn the room. I can adjust the temperature according to my will.

In the background of the blazing flames, I raised my body and sang a splendid way.

“This absolute safety zone guarded by the four shields
Destroying 『Holy Grave』? No Problem
There is no crisis in the Demon Lord’s dictionary.”
The four generals were dumbfounded after hearing my words. Then, their cheeks turned red slowly. At the same time, 《LOYALTY》no longer declined.

Gracia issued a voice of swallowing.

“Now, na, King-sama, by the four shield … What do you mean?”

I suddenly laughed, and then turned to face them.

“Lord Hellshaft is invincible, But no one can come to me to ask why.”

Then I looked back at four people.

“Because I have four men who are so powerful and so dependable. What threat can approach me?”

Gracia began to cry in an instant.



Forneus’ fingers turned to a head, her eyes tearful. and Satanakia whispered softly.

“The Hell-sama… Even if I give my all …woo” (TL: Note woo as in crying)

“What …a frightening statement.”

He pulled off his glasses and wiped the lenses with a handkerchief removed from his breast-pocket.

Then four generals of Hell Sector were kneeling at the same time.

“I waited four. I will protect you even if I offer my life.”

I nodded in silence. The 《LOYALTY》 reflected in their eyes has risen to a safe range, and I felt a sigh of relief in my heart.

But it’s too early to be reassured. Because we haven’t solved any problems yet.

Destroying 『Holy Grave』… I can only find ways to solve it.

[TL Note: End of Prologue ]


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